Canada Named Best Country for Immigration and Investment

In 2019, Canada ranked third in the list of 50 countries according to the Anholt Ipsos Nation Brand Index, climbing two places compared to 2018. Only Germany and France, who took first and second places, respectively, are placed higher.

The Anholt Ipsos Nation Brand Index is based on 20,035 online interviews with people over 18 years of age in 20 countries.

Canada ranked first in three of six separate categories (immigration and investment, people, and governance). This country has also become the only one in the top five to improve its position in governance, culture and tourism categories.

Canada is recognized as the best country for  immigration and investment for the second year in a row. This factor takes into account the quality of life, working conditions, educational qualifications, equality in society, as well as investment in business.

According to the authors of the study, the immigration and investment index measures a country’s ability to attract talent and capital. It takes into account whether people consider studying, working or living in this country, how they perceive the country’s economic prosperity and equal opportunities and whether they consider the country a place with a high quality of life.

Study participants were also asked to give characteristics to 50 countries. 39% of respondents named Canada friendly, 30% trustworthy, 29% happy, and 19% generous.