Immigration to Manitoba

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Immigration to ManitobaThe provincial program of Manitoba offers permanent residence permits to professionals with work experience, graduates of provincial post-secondary institutions, as well as to entrepreneurs.

Applicants who have failed to score enough points required for immigration to Canada under a federal program can try to relocate to the country under one of 11 Provincial Nominee Programs which offer a lot of attractive options to a wide range of professionals. Provincial programs are also pathways for those who wish to immigrate to a specific province or territory.

One of such programs is effective in Manitoba and is called “Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program” (MPNP). It includes several streams.

Skilled Workers

Skilled workers can immigrate through one of the two separate streams:

International Education

This stream includes three categories:

  • Career Employment (for those who have graduated from Manitoba post-secondary institutions and found a job related to their degree or diploma)
  • Graduate Internship (for those who have obtained a master’s or doctorate degree in Manitoba and completed an internship in the province)
  • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot (for those who have graduated from Manitoba post-secondary institutions and are planning to do business in the province)

Business Investor

This stream includes two categories:

  • Entrepreneur (for entrepreneurs who are planning to start a business in Manitoba)
  • Farm Investor (for those who are willing to start a farming business in rural Manitoba)

By choosing one of these streams you can get permanent residence in Canada and — after three years of permanent residence — become a citizen of the country.

Other Ways to Immigrate to Manitoba

The city of Morden located in the south of Manitoba offers Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative — a support program for foreign professionals and entrepreneurs who want to immigrate to Canada through the MPNP.

Manitoba is located in central Canada. The province is bordered by provinces of Ontario in the east and Saskatchewan in the west, and by the US states of North Dakota and Minnesota in the south. About 1.3 million people live in Manitoba. Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, is a major railway and transportation hub of Canada. This city is also known for its numerous annual festivals.