Immigration to Alberta

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

Immigration to AlbertaAlberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) offers permanent residence permits to professionals with work experience, to graduates from Canadian universities and colleges, and to investors willing to set up a farm business.

Applicants who have failed to score enough points required for immigration to Canada under a federal program can try to relocate to the country under one of 11 Provincial Nominee Programs which offer a lot of attractive options to a wide range of professionals. Provincial programs are also pathways for those who wish to immigrate to a specific province or territory.

One of such programs is effective in Alberta and is called “Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program” (AINP). It includes three streams:

By choosing one of these streams you can get permanent residence in Canada and — after three years of permanent residence — become a citizen of the country.

Alberta is a province in western Canada and one of the richest regions of the country. Its largest cities are Calgary (one of the main Canadian centres for trading and a powerful transportation hub) and Edmonton (the capital city of Alberta and the leader in the Canadian oil and gas industry).