Work in Canada

Thousands of people come to work and live in Canada every year. According to Statistics Canada, the number of temporary foreign workers in this country increased from 52,000 in 1996 to 310,000 in 2015. And many of them had obtained permanent resident status ever since.

Start Working in Canada

Before you start working in Canada, you need to take 10 steps. First, you need to find out about your NOC
and pass a language test … Read more →

Wage Levels Across Canada

Alberta offers the highest minimum hourly wage among all Canadian provinces and territories (C$15 per hour). The lowest hourly wages across Canadian provinces are offered in … Read more →

Canadian Labour Standards

The Canada Labour Code establishes federal labour standards that all federally regulated employers and employees must follow. For instance, if you work in the mining … Read more →

Temporary Worker Programs

Canada has immigration programs for temporary foreign workers, and not just for seasonal labour workers but also for caregivers, university professors, and highly … Read more → 

Pathways to Permanent Residence

After having worked in Canada for 1 year under a temporary worker program, you can apply for permanent residence under one of the Express Entry federal programs … Read more → 

Job Offer for Immigration Purposes

A foreign worker needs a job offer to get a work visa, to receive a work permit, and to apply for permanent residence under one of Canada’s … Read more →