Job Offer for Immigration Purposes

Skilled WorkerA foreign worker needs a job offer to get a Canadian work permit.

Having a job offer (offer of employment, offer of arranged employment, employment offer) is one of the basic requirements for immigration to Canada. It is also necessary for obtaining a temporary (not seasonal) work permit in Canada.

Getting a job offer from a Canadian employer is mandatory under most provincial nominee programs. Although it is optional under the federal immigration programs, it can give you extra points in the Express Entry system.

In order to make a job offer to a foreigner, a Canadian employer draws up a Job Offer Letter and sends it for approval to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). A Job Offer Letter should include:

  • Name of the occupation
  • Job description, including job duties
  • Requirements to occupy the position (professional education, skills, work experience, licenses, if necessary)
  • Start and (if applicable) termination dates
  • Wage and other forms of payment
  • Employer’s name and address, information about a person of contact who is able to describe the Job Offer Letter

ESDC confirms the authenticity of a job offer and verifies whether the conditions offered by the employer comply with Canadian labour standards. After ESDC approves the job offer and a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) — if it is required, IRCC grants the foreign worker a work permit.

If the foreign national is planning to work in Quebec, he also needs to get his job offer approved by the government of this province.

If you apply for an open work permit, you don’t need to provide any documents from an employer. Find out who can apply for an open work permit here.

The detailed requirements for a job offer under various federal immigration programs can be found here.