Arrima: Quebec Expression of Interest System

Immigration applications under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program should be submitted through the Arrima system based on the Expression of Interest (EOI) system. How does Arrima work?

Arrima, an immigration system based on the Expression of Interest (EOI) system, was launched on August 2, 2018. It replaced Mon projet Québec, the previous system of applications under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

The immigration process under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program includes the following steps:


  • Sending an EOI application to the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion, MIDI) with the intention of living and working in Quebec
  • Getting the profile (an EOI application) assessed against a variety of criteria. The process includes 3 steps (see the details below)
  • Receiving an invitation to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec, CSQ)
  • Applying for a CSQ in the MIDI
  • Getting a CSQ
  • Submitting documents and applying for permanent residency in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) — the federal stage of the immigration  process





How Does Arrima Work?

Arrima works like the Express Entry system. Candidates create an EOI profile and enter the pool. Profile holders with the highest scores will be invited to apply for a CSQ. Profiles will be assessed against several criteria.

The Arrima system works as follows:


  1. When you enter the Arrima system, you get into a virtual waiting room with a virtual queue expecting to get access to the portal
  2. As soon as access is granted, you will have a 90-minute session to create and complete the EOI profile. The ministry recommends saving information frequently — this way, you will not lose it in case 90 minutes expire. After the time expires, you need to log in again
  3. After creating your account in Arrima, you will have 90 days to fill out your profile, which is valid for 12 months
  4. After publication, your profile will enter the EOI pool, where it will be assessed against the following criteria: age, work experience, level and field of education, and proficiency in French
  5. Candidates with the highest scores will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for a CSQ under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Quebec holds occasional draws inviting candidates to apply for a CSQ. Candidates who have a job offer from an employer will jump to the top of the consideration list
  6. Applicants who have received an invitation have 60 days to submit a full application for a CSQ
  7. Once that official application is submitted, the government will respond with a decision within a maximum of six months
  8. Approved candidates who have received a CSQ can apply for Canadian permanent residence


Arrima Scores

To be taken into consideration, a candidate’s profile must score at least 2 points for education and 1 point for declaring enough money.

Points that a candidate can score within the Arrima system:

  • Education level: up to 14 points (threshold: 2 points) 
  • Field of study: up to 12 points
  • Work experience: up to 8 points
  • Age: up to 16 points
  • Language proficiency: up to 22 points
  • Living in Quebec and having a family in the province: up to 8 points
  • Characteristics of the spouse or partner: up to 17 points
  • Job offer: up to 14 points
  • Accompanying children: up to 8 points
  • Sufficient funds: 1 point (threshold: 1 point) 

See the official table for the details on how points are awarded.

Expression of Interest Profile Assessment: 3 Steps

To receive an invitation to apply for a CSQ, a candidate’s profile must pass 3 stages of assessment.

Step 1

Anyone aged 18 or older should create an EOI profile in the Arrima system.

Step 2

Profiles with a passing score (2 + 1) should get 43 more points for all other criteria. This stage is called “Employability” and is based on the assessment of a candidate against such factors as the field of study, work experience, age, language skills, time spent in Quebec, having a family in Quebec, and having a job offer. The passing score of the second stage for candidates with a spouse or partner is 52.

Step 3

Candidates with a passing score of 52 must get a passing score of the third phase, which is 50 points (59 with a spouse or partner). This stage is called “Selection”. It takes into account the points awarded at the Employability stage plus points for having children and sufficient funds. Also, additional points for education, work experience, and the spouse’s or partner’s language proficiency are taken into account.

A minimum threshold of 50 points does not necessarily mean that an applicant will be asked to apply for a CSQ. Invitations are sent to candidates with the highest scores, but other selection criteria may apply.