Immigration to the Northwest Territories

Immigration to the Northwest TerritoriesNorthwest Territories Nominee Program

One of the many ways to immigrate to Canada is to participate in the Northwest Territories Nominee Program.

Applicants who have failed to score enough points required for immigration to Canada under a federal program can try to relocate to the country under one of 11 Provincial Nominee Programs which offer a lot of attractive options to a wide range of professionals. Provincial programs are also pathways for those who wish to immigrate to a specific province or territory.

One of such programs is effective in the Northwest Territories and is called “Northwest Territories Nominee Program” (NTNP). It includes several streams:

  • Critical Impact Workers (for applicants who have a job offer in the Northwest Territories and have worked in this position for at least 6 months)
  • Skilled Workers (for skilled workers who have a job offer in the Northwest Territories)
  • Express Entry Stream for Skilled Workers (for skilled workers who are registered in the Express Entry system and meet the criteria of the Skilled Workers Stream)
  • Business (for entrepreneurs wishing to start a business or invest in a business of the Northwest Territories)

By choosing one of these streams you can get a provincial nomination followed by permanent residence in Canada and — after three years of permanent residence — become a citizen of the country.

The Northwest Territories are located in the subarctic regions of Canada and are washed by the Arctic Ocean in the north. This land is famous for its natural resources, including forests, gold, diamonds, natural gas, and oil. The Northwest Territories are twice the size of Ukraine, but only 40 thousand people live in this part of Canada. And half of them have chosen Yellowknife — the territorial capital — as their home. This city, situated on the shores of the Great Slave Lake, is the region’s large industrial centre and, at the same time, a picturesque location with rich opportunities for tourism and recreation.